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1st Stage: 10km / Cabarete

Mixed course over hard packed sand, red earth and beach.
Check Point: KM 5
Altimetry: +65m, -56m.
This is a world-class kiteboarding, windsurfing and laser sailing destination due to its warm waters and perfect wind conditions. Cabarete is very popular among the young and adventurous because of the aquatic sports offered on its beach, its famous annual jazz festival each fall and its eclectic bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

2nd Stage: 17,5 k / Puerto Plata – Isabel de Torres Mountain

Undulating and difficult course with rocky tracks.
Check Points: Three aid stations: Km 6, Km 10.5, km 14.7
Altimetry: +1352, -661m
The silver clouds atop Mt. Isabel de Torres, the towering mountain behind Puerto Plata, gave the city its name. Today tourists ride the cable car to get to the top of the mountain, visit its botanical gardens and take in the sweeping views of the port city.
Admiral Christopher Columbus’ famous three ships made landfall here in 1492, naming it La Isabela.
But today Puerto Plata is better known for its Atlantic coastline with more than 62 miles (100 km) of beaches, coastal villages and hotels.

3rd Stage: 18 km / Rancho MAGANTE

Undulating and difficult course mostly on dirt roads.
Imagine a world where people focus on their own health and well being. Where nature is protected and people enjoy the simple pleasures of life in harmony. That is our vision for Rancho Magante's future.
To create unique spaces in the world where health and well being are priority to share as a family and around the beautiful nature that sorround us is the mission of Rancho Magante.
Rancho Magante is specialize in the production and packaging of organic cacao, honey and other tropical fruits and vegetables and their derivatives.
A unique course with plenty ups and downs and amazing views.

4th Stage: 45,5 km / Las Terrenas

Mixed course with rocks, mud, sand, single tracks, clay, dirt road, river, beaches.
Check Points: three aid stations: Km 10, Km 22.6, Km 36
Accumulated altitude: +759m, -749m
Considered the most spectacular of the waterfalls in the Dominican Republic, El Limón captivates as its cascade of more than 50 meters falls into a natural pool where visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim. You can get there by horse, so preferred by tourists who visit the area, or walking as it provides a beautiful landscape surrounded by lush vegetation.

5th Stage 12 km / Las Terrenas / Playa Cosón

Mixed course running thru incredibly beautiful sandy beaches and dirt roads.
Check Points: Km 3, 6 and 9
Altimetry: +80, -80
Samaná is a natural treasure. Wild, verdant, with coves, bays, waterfalls, mountains and awe-inspiring views – there is lots to explore. It is known for its wading and body-boarding beaches, nature trekking and whale-watching.

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Here you can see in detail the routes of each of the stages.

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